Guide on Minimizing Roof Damage During Storms

The roof is an essential and crucial part of the home that shelters the house. If you have roof damage, it can result in other issues of the home. When you are particularly residing in storm and hail prone locations, you will need extra care to prevent any damage to your house roof. In this article, you will find tips that can help you to prevent your roof from damage.  


 What are the Primary Steps to Avoid Roof Damaged?

Roofing material-  Select a material that roofs your house the longest. There are several roofing materials, such as metal shingles, steel, slate, concrete tiles, and other materials. However, for longevity, select a sturdy roofing material. Of these clay, concrete or slate tiles last longest as a roofing material.

Insulation- For snowier weather prone areas, proper insulation is a must to protect the house roof from damming with ice. With the escape of heat, snow melts up, and when it refreezes, there is water seepage in the house. Ice damming can be expensive for repair.


Reseal around skylights, piping, and fixtures- Seal the external and internal fixture from the roof to avoid water leakage during snow and rain. Reseal the punctures in the roofing.

Roof ventilation- Roofing should be secure with appropriate ventilation. Make sure the shingles and roof pieces are not swept away by the wind.

Missing shingles should be replaced right away- Missing, cracked or bent shingles can result in leakage, so replace them right away in your roofing.

Some other preventative steps are:

  • Fix Ponding/ waterlogged surfaces
  • Cleaning of gutter daily or often
  • Inspection of valleys, vents, pipes, and chimneys for any punctured joints.
  • Inspecting house’s attic ceiling
  • Eliminating stagnated ice in heavy snow
  • Eliminate moss and leaves
  • Have branches trimmed to avoid damage to shingles and clogging of gutters?


Hired a Professional Roofing Contractor

A professional roofing company is essential, and it can help maintain your house roofing appropriately to avoid any damage. A qualified roofing company will very well come in handy for an emergency repair of the roof, which is very crucial in case of roof damage.

Some cases where you may need an emergency roof services are:

Natural disasters- Hailstorms are one of the most dangerous amongst the natural disasters that can result in falling trees, ice, and snow getting overweight on the roof, plenty of debris on the roof, missing shingles due to heavy winds, and so on. The storms, heavy hurricanes, and hails can result in clogged gutters, stagnated water, ice damming, and so on. They eventually damage the roofing of the house.

Fire-Any human error, weather, or lightning can cause fire and damage your roof or the house itself. In drier regions, a wildfire ember can result in fire. Dried leaves can get caught with fire and cause damage.

Failure of the roof- Damage of roof that was left unnoticed or due to its end of life can result in a disaster.

A qualified roofing company can attend any of the above and other minor issues as they have experience, expertise, licensed, and are professionals.


Find an Ideal Place to Build a House

Hail and storm roof damage can be minimized by identifying a good location for your house. This can be a location of lesser storms, with no/minimal trees directing your roof and the shape of the panel roof. Multiple sloped roofs, square floor roof plan, and elevated roof framework are beneficial.



A right roofing company and some necessary steps can prevent your house from hail and storm roof damage. Selecting the right location and proper roofing framework can minimize the risk of damage.