How to repair the air conditioner

Most problems with a window and room air conditioner can be classified based on a few symptoms: they don’t cool enough, don’t turn on at all, or make noise. Here’s a closer look at how to fix and fix these problems.

The air conditioning does not cool down

You may need to recharge a refrigerant with an air conditioner that is not cooling,

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Unplug the drive and carefully remove it from the window or wall. Place the air conditioner somewhere outdoors or in the garage where you can work on it.
  2. Remove the grille and filter and unscrew the metal case (being careful not to damage the coil fins).
  3. Wash the filter thoroughly or replace it with a new one; Most air conditioner filters are readily available online or at home appliance repair shops.
  4. Using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush, clean the coil fins.
  5. Spray water through the fins on the side of the fan (protect the wiring and motor with plastic).
  6. Clean the unit with a rag, making sure that all drains that allow condensed water to drip away from the unit are open. Let it dry completely.
  7. Apart from the unit, lubricate the motor and bearings according to the owner’s manual.
  8. Finally, reassemble and reinstall the unit.