The Beautiful Van Alstyne TX

Van Alstyne Texas is perhaps the best to visit if one wants a classic taste of Texan culture. In this small town, one can get a feeling for what life was like in the 1800s. This is due to the vast amounts of historical landmarks and structures that rival those found in many larger cities. Haunted houses, cowboy-style diners, and museum-houses are only a few of the historic attractions that can be found here. Van Alstyne, Texas is a small town outside of Dallas but has a lot to offer for those who take the time to visit it.

History/Historically Significant Places:

Many historical events have taken place in Van Alstyne Texas. Some of the most noted events that took place here were: The kidnapping of Charles F. Hurts by Sam Bass and his gang, the first cotton gin was built in Van Alstyne Texas, and it is also where the first train robbery by Sam Bass occurred.

Famous People:

Van Alstyne Texas has a few well-known figures that were born there. One man by the name of James Franklin Farmer, who was one of seven defendants in the famous Scottsboro Boys Case, was born here. Another woman, Betty Dorene White (better known as Betty Sue Flowers), is also associated with Van Alstyne because she established the non-profit organization that is now known as the “Texas State University for Negroes” (now Texas Southern University).


The town of Van Alstyne Texas has a small school district that consists of grades K-8, but students wishing to continue their education will have to move on to larger cities like Dallas or Greenville. Buildings used by the school district include the Jack B. White Administration Building, William Lacy Elementary School, and the newest addition to the district, Van Alstyne Middle School.


The town of Van Alstyne Texas has a very historic downtown area that is perfect for those who enjoy buying unique souvenirs or just browsing through antique stores. The downtown area also has a variety of restaurants that serve both Texan and American cuisine.


For those who enjoy keeping active, Van Alstyne Texas might be the place for you. There are a few places where people can go if they wish to participate in sports at the recreational level. Some examples of these include the YMCA and the Van Alstyne Tennis Club.

For anyone who wants to take a break from their busy life and just enjoy some time off, then visiting Van Alstyne Texas might be just what you are looking for. Come to this historic town that still holds onto the ways of yesteryear. But, don’t forget to call Airview AC when your HVAC system failed!