Van Alstyne TX Panther Stadium

Panther Stadium, Van Alstyne Texas is a great place to take your family to watch a ballgame. Panther Stadium is known as “THE HOUSE THAT TAYLOR BUILT”. The stadium holds about 4500 fans and it does not have lights for night games. Panther Stadium was built in 1972 by all-volunteer labor. As of today, Panther Stadium has no restrooms or concessions.

The Panthers have been very successful since the stadium was built. In 1973, their first year in Panther Stadium, they made it to the playoffs and lost by one point. They have also had a perfect season before going on to win the State Championship in 1984 where they went 14-0. In 2007 they went undefeated and won the State Championship Title for the second time in school history.

In 2009, Panther Stadium was slated to be torn down but a group of local citizens came together and put a stop to it. The stadium has played host to many great games over the years including winning seasons, playoff wins, championship games, and the homecoming game. The stadium is still in use today and there are no plans to tear it down.